Nitro Fusion Delight: Elevate Your Brew Experience with 4Jacks Nitro


10 ounces of 4Jacks Nitro Cold Brew
6 ounces of your favorite Ale, IPA, or Stout


Enhance the experience by selecting 6 ounces of your preferred Ale, IPA, or Stout, each offering a unique twist to elevate your 4Jacks Nitro Brew.
Discover the art of brewing excellence with 4Jacks Nitro, where bold coffee meets the world of craft beer. Elevate your senses with a fusion of 10 ounces of our signature Nitro Cold Brew and 6 ounces of your preferred Ale, IPA, or Stout. Choose your adventure: the smooth Nitro White Ale, the boldly bitter Nitro IPA, or the rich and robust Nitro Stout. Unleash a velvety, medium-bodied symphony or dive into the jet-black depths of flavor. Explore Nitro Fusion and redefine your brew experience.