Sweet & Spicy Nitro Delight: A Chai Infusion Symphony


1 ounce of Chai syrup
7 ounces 4Jacks Nitro Cold Brew
2 ounces of sweetened whip cream


Begin your flavor adventure by adding a couple of pumps of aromatic Chai syrup to your glass.
Pour 7 ounces of 4Jacks Nitro into the mix, letting the bold coffee notes mingle with the sweet and spicy essence of Chai.
Give it a gentle stir, ensuring the Chai syrup and Nitro combine harmoniously for a delightful fusion of flavors.
To crown this creation, top it off with a generous swirl of decadent sweetened whipped cream.
Embark on a flavor journey with our Sweet & Spicy Nitro creation! This tantalizing concoction features the perfect blend of Chai syrup and the robust essence of 4Jacks Nitro. Topped with a luscious swirl of sweetened whip cream, every sip is a harmonious balance of sweetness and spice. Unleash your taste buds with this easy-to-make, extraordinary beverage.